Radio and Voice Work

This is Jazz on Radio Morcote International

this is jazzThis is Jazz is my new (since Summer 2020) one-hour weekly show of jazz music which I produce and present, on Radio Morcote International, which is an Internet station based in Morcote, Switzerland, very close to Italy. This is Jazz answers the question, “What is Jazz?” with music.

The show plays Sundays at 8pm in Western Europe, which in the US is Sundays at 11 am Pacific time and 2pm Eastern time. There is also a replay, Wednesday evenings at 9pm in Western Europe, which in the US is 12 noon Pacific time and 3pm Eastern time.

To listen to regular broadcasts of This is Jazz on Radio Morcote International, visit Radio Morcote International and then click the orange “Listen” button on the home page. Or, download their app, or look for Radio Morcote International on the TuneIn app and other similar places.

This is Jazz: Three Sample Shows

Here are three sample shows, from the Fall of 2020.
Show 11 is dedicated to the music of Eric Dolphy.
Show 10 is the #BLM show, an hour of famous jazz music of protest against racism and in favor of civil rights.
Show 9 is the warm-up to show 10, with all the same artists but different music (not of protest).

Show 11, Oct. 4, 2020:

Show 10, Sept. 27, 2020:

Show 09, Sept. 20, 2020: