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NEW! This is Jazz on Radio Morcote International

This is Jazz is my new one-hour weekly show of jazz music which I produce and present, on Radio Morcote International, which is an Internet station based in Morcote, Switzerland, very close to Italy.

The show plays Sundays at 8pm in Western Europe, which in the US is Sundays at 11 am Pacific time and 2pm Eastern time. There is also a replay, Wednesday evenings at 9pm in Western Europe, which in the US is 12 noon Pacific time and 3pm Eastern time.

This is Jazz simply answers the question, “What is Jazz?” by example.

To listen to regular broadcasts of This is Jazz on Radio Morcote International, visit Radio Morcote International and then click the orange “Listen” button on the home page. Or, look for Radio Morcote International on the TuneIn app.

The commercials at the beginning (starting with show 4) for products like Italian Swiss Colony wines, Swissair, the Swiss Army knife, Swiss Creme Sandwich cookies and Swiss Miss instant cocoa are all just gags because Morcote is in Switzerland, so no, they are not real sponsors. And starting around show 4 and 5, I’ve started occupying the minute or so just before and after the actual show with found audio objects and other fun.

The Full Shows are listed first, the most recent one on the top. Further down on this page, the condensed shows have the spoken and produced content with only the start and end of songs, so you can hear the contents of a 1-hour show in about 15 minutes.

This is Jazz • full 1-hour shows:

Show 15, Nov. 1, 2020:

Show 14, Oct. 25, 2020:

Show 13, Oct. 28, 2020:

Show 12, Oct. 11, 2020:

Show 11, Oct. 4, 2020:

Show 10, Sept. 27, 2020:

Show 09, Sept. 20, 2020:

Show 08, Sept. 13, 2020: 

Show 07, Sept. 6, 2020: 

Show 06, Aug. 30, 2020:

Show 05, Aug. 23, 2020:

Show 04, Aug. 16, 2020:

Show 03, Aug. 9, 2020:

Show 02, Aug. 2, 2020:

Show 01, July 26, 2020:

This is Jazz (condensed shows, about 15 minutes)

Condensed Shows 7 through 15…
[Coming soon, it takes time to do these condensed versions…]

Condensed Show 06:

Condensed Show 05:

Condensed Show 04:

Condensed Show 03: 

Condensed Show 02:

Condensed Show 01: