California Calling on Radio Azzurra

papaveri arancioni e rossi

I papaveri arancioni e rossi. In Europa sono rossi ma in California sono arancioni e sono il fiore ufficiale dello stato.

California Calling is a new weekly telephone conversation segment on Radio Azzurra, a popular radio station in Novara, Italy that debuted in March 2022. We call it California Calling because it is a phone call segment where I speak with the program’s host, Manuela Galvagno, about something interesting from my point of view in California. We do the show on the Radio Azzurra Morning Show on Monday mornings, which is still Sunday night at my home in California.  

Here are some samples of a similar segment I did with the radio station’s previous morning show presenter, Carlotta Ponzio, in 2020. 

Thursday, April 2: We discuss the current state of the Coronavirus pandemic in the US and in Italy, how people are coping and whether the US election could be delayed.

Tuesday, March 23: Carlotta asks me about reports that Americans are rushing to gun stores as the pandemic looms ahead and I tell about the stay-at-home orders in many states, and about US local and state power compared to federal.

Tuesday March 17 2020: We discuss how Italy is two weeks ahead of the US in the Coronavirus pandemic and share stories of how people in both countries are facing the crisis.