These sites were done to the clients’ specifications.  These websites are built on the WordPress platform. They are all “responsive” meaning that they are mobile-friendly and will display properly on any size screen on any device.

This Website

I made this website to attract search traffic on keywords that pertain to the topics that I write about. The pages are written and curated to appeal to the two audiences of any website, which are the humans on the one hand and the search engines on the other. Several of my pages are getting top Google search results because the text and graphic content (for the humans) as well as the meta data (for the search engine robots) are all optimized to produce the best search results.

For example, I translate Italian literature into modern English and several pages on this site under the Italian tab contain translations of mine. If you Google search these two words, “Machiavelli Belfagor” (the author and title of a translated work), my page with my translation appears at the very top of the search results, even above Wikipedia on a good day. This is also the case for several other pages on this site.

Search results like these are achievable when the web pages are written and set up the right way, and this is an important part of the service I perform for my clients.

Kevin Terraciano

This website is for a professor of History who wishes to make his academic work accessible to the general public, directly from his own platform. The subject matter is Latin American Colonial History and the languages and cultures of the Aztec, Zapotec and Mixtec people.websites cdimatteo

Grant Benson (radio entertainer)

A website for a high profile radio personality in Italy, Grant Benson. The site is mostly in Italian and contains news about the radio station where he currently appears, about his involvement in Radio Caroline in the UK (which was once a famous pirate radio station, now broadcasting legally) and his other work.

The California Wine Country Podcast & Website

I built the website for the weekly podcast which I also produce, for an award-winning radio show. I also did the graphic design of the show logo. The podcast is available at the website and listeners can subscribe to it on podcasting platforms (iTunes, Google, etc.).

Here is the podcast audio player, embedded on this page. We use this tool to embed episodes on the websites belonging to the people and wineries that appear on California Wine Country, to attract new listeners and subscribers. Here is the episode of August 30, 2017, a live remote show, recorded at the Pinot Noir tasting organized by the show’s sponsor.

The Brew Ha Ha Radio Podcast & Website

This website is the home base for a new podcast about craft beer.  I designed the show logo and graphic imaging and I also produce the website and the weekly podcast. The show features experts in the craft brewing business with high-profile guests and experts. Here is a link to the site:

brew ha ha

Vicario Productions

This site is for an independent radio production company. The site has information about the company and the radio shows and podcasts that it produces, with audio samples.  There is a blog, a sign-up form to join the email list and also a PayPal gateway for customer payments. I also designed the corporate logo and show logos.
vicario productions